Unlocking the Magic of Text Hierarchy

Our new text feature is exactly what your brand needs to create memorable video content messaging

Think your video content messaging is crystal clear? Think again. If you haven’t implemented a hierarchy of text, your viewers may not fully understand or internalize the message your brand is trying to get across. But don’t worry. At Chant, we identified the need for text hierarchy in video content – and have designed an exciting new feature that will enable you to clarify your brand’s mission, motives and messages, like never before.

Our new text feature will allow you to decide the size and location of your text for each video frame. And later on, we’ll integrate other exciting elements, such as entrance and exit effects, colors and fonts – but more on that later.  

Read on, because we’re unlocking the magic of text hierarchy, and will provide you with an insightful list of do’s and don’ts, so you can start creating memorable video content messaging that converts.

The Importance of Text Hierarchy

Visual memory is an integral part of the learning process. In fact, many researchers have stated that as much as eighty percent of all recalled learning takes place through the eyes. This is because, when we see something with our own two eyes, we are more likely to internalize it, even if we don’t fully understand it at first glance. We can later retrieve these visual memories and process them to gain a new and renewed understanding of their gist.

But how do you nurture visual memory processes among your video content target audience members? Two words: text hierarchy.

Text hierarchy is an important element of any content design, but especially that of video content. This is because a hierarchy of text cleans and clarifies your messaging and ultimately determines what your viewers prioritize looking at, what they understand from your video and what they internalize and remember, long-term. With just a fleeting look, text hierarchy guides viewers from one piece of information to the next, while allowing them to comprehend the order of the information’s importance with extreme ease. And in the world of video content, where text is minimal at best, a hierarchical approach to its presentation is all the more critical to its messaging success.

In this way, viewers can more effectively engage with your brand’s video content and follow your messaging from start to finish, without having to pause, rewind or consider the possibility that they missed a key element of your brand’s message.

Introducing, Chant’s New Text Feature

Our templates were designed to make your authentic video content stand out and drive user engagement. Whether you’re creating videos to sell products, promote services, or reach out to your customers, we have the templates, fonts, titles and other special effects that deliver, every time.

That’s why, when we identified a need for hierarchical text to clarify video content messaging, we set out on a mission to create a feature that would provide your brand with this ability, seamlessly and efficiently.

And here it is.

When you choose a template for your upcoming video content, you’ll be able to input text messages as always – and then decide if you’d like to leave it as is, or transform it into a text hierarchy, using our exciting new feature.

Creating a text hierarchy can be done in one of two ways:

  1. The smart text option – You choose where the text goes (in the middle of the frame, or along the bottom), and the text hierarchy feature applies all necessary (and exciting!) video effects.
  2. The custom text option – You choose how your text will look. Select up to five text boxes and decide on the text’s size. With this option, video effects are not available.

The addition of our text hierarchy feature gives you the accurate starting point you crave, with the text hierarchy you need to succeed. And soon, we’ll be adding color and font customization features, enabling your text to stand out even more.


Text Hierarchy Do’s and Don’ts – Everything You Need To Know, Right Now

Do: Prioritize texts according to your brand’s goals

Whether your brand dabbles in sales or services, your video content and its accompanying text should always match your brand’s identity, language and goals. As such, your video’s goal is to promote your brand – consider how you might emphasize this message. And if your goal is to increase sales by 40%, be sure to highlight the cost of your product or services with your cool graphics. The hierarchy of texts should take viewers along a clear journey that helps them connect with your brand, explains each next step they will take and then calls them to action so your goals can be met (and their needs fulfilled) by using different fonts, sizes, colors and looks.

Don’t: Eschew functionality for aesthetics

Test hierarchy is about more than aesthetics; it’s about driving your viewers to want to take specific action. As such, text for a video content that is built solely around aesthetics will never be maximally effective. Instead, keep it simple and ensure your texts encourage the desired effect. Don’t worry, you can still play around with fonts, sizes and colors to ensure your video content and its texts are equally functional and fabulous.

Do: Use negative space to your advantage

Be sure to give your text room to breathe. Group or separate your text and surround them with white or negative space to enhance readability and make the relevant text stand out, especially those text higher up in the hierarchy requiring the deepest levels of viewer attention. But beware, too much space in between texts can lead to the opposite effect, distraction viewers from understanding a complete, coherent thought.

Don’t: Let your texts blend into the background

Always make sure your texts’ font color is clearly visible on top of the background color. The last thing you want is for your text to blend into the background and be missed by viewers who would otherwise benefit from your written insights as a key to understanding the grand scheme behind your brand’s video content.

Do: Color your texts wonderful

Add some color to your texts to help establish visual hierarchy and inject some fun into your brand’s video content. Use bold colors for main messages and subtler tones for supporting texts to clearly indicate which texts are most important and should definitely be stored in your viewers’ visual memory.

Don’t: Go too heavy on the font and color changes

As with any type of hierarchy, harmony is key. It’s important to keep your text hierarchy aligned throughout the video and to avoid too many font, size and color changes that could impair readability and comprehensibility. And remember, not all text require hierarchical structuring. Sometimes, the most readable text is presented in one color and one size. It really all depends on the type of message you’re trying to get across.

Do: Optimize for mobile

These days, people use their mobile devices to search, shop and surf their favorite social channels. As such, it goes without saying that your video content must be optimized for mobile use – and this includes the texts you include. You need to size your body text accordingly and only apply two levels of text hierarchy for mobile, as opposed to the three recommended for web browsing, as small smartphone screens simply don’t have enough room.

Don’t: Stretch or make fonts too small

Stretching or making fonts very small may seem like fun design ideas, or a great way to make the most of your video content text space, but it will actually do your brand a disservice, by making your text harder to read and, by extension, harder to understand and remember. A minimum font size of 14 is recommended.

Do: Create easily scannable content

Use shorter texts that are neatly spaced to enable easy scanning of your brand’s video content texts. Using subheads, bulleted lists, and other “chunking” techniques to organize lengthier text into highly readable copy is also a good idea, though keeping your text as short as possible is even better.

Don’t: Force CAPS or center alignment

When it comes to using uppercase letters and aligning your texts in the center of your video content frames, moderation is key – and they should only be applied when the flow is right. Otherwise, it will be hard for your viewers to follow along – and even harder for them to remember exactly what you wrote.

Chant can help you apply the magic of text hierarchy, today!

Thanks to our new text hierarchy feature, your brand will be able to create authentic, compelling and engaging video content that converts. Check out our recent blog post on effective messaging to adjust your texts with your brand’s identity, language and goals – and start creating better video content, right now. For more information, chantvideo.com.


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