2019 Graphic Design Trends

We’re shedding a light on how you can implement these graphic design trends into your social and video content. 

We live in a highly visual world – and graphic design is your key to catching your target audience’s eye, luring them in and effectively promoting your brand. Since the average person has an attention span of just 8 seconds and a penchant for the new, innovative and enthralling, the graphic design tactics and techniques that worked yesterday, may no longer be effective today, and most certainly will be replaced by some other trending, bold and beautiful designs tomorrow. As such, keeping up with the latest graphic design trends is a crucial aspect of any brand’s killer marketing strategy, especially with respect to social and video content.

Lucky for you, we’ve curated the ultimate guide to graphic design trends in 2019, just for you.

Branding vs. Trending – Which Reigns Supreme?
Your brand has its own colors, fonts, logo, slogans, etc. In essence, it’s your brand’s language and visual identity; what makes your business unique. When properly branded, the images, videos, and content you post on your website and in your direct marketing campaigns dictate how your target audience will view and interpret your brand – and entice them into a mutually beneficial relationship.

But, how might your brand’s language be affected by changes in graphic design trends? While we are in no way suggesting that you make sweeping changes to your branding in order to follow the latest graphic design trends, there are some tweaks you can implement to show your target audience just how trendy you are.

Making the Most of 2019’s Graphic Design Trends, Today
Here are some action items you can implement today, to secure your position as graphic design trendy, tomorrow –

Do: Keep your logo and colors intact. They are your key identifiers and should never be replaced without simultaneously launching a HUGE marketing blitz announcing that you’re changing the face of your brand to reflect a change in your mission, sales goals, or some other, big-ticket target. Trends are fleeting and do not deserve this much attention.

Do: Make sure your posts include trendy graphic elements. Make stylish product shots, add text and video effects, enhance overall visibility with the latest content creation and marketing apps and more – whatever’s trending while you’re preparing your content.

Do: Be picky about the trends you adopt. Review the latest trends and only select the ones that fall in line with your brand’s goals. Identify ways you can integrate the trends within your marketing campaigns, without compromising your brand language or identity.

Do: Have fun. Graphic design trends are “designed” to make your content shine, but beware of the perils of getting lost in the intricacies of figuring out how to take advantage of every last one. Some trends will work for your brand, while others won’t – and that’s okay. Stay true to your brand language and use the latest graphic design trends to lift your brand up. If they’re not helping your brand become more engaging, entertaining and downright fun to watch, you don’t have to use them.


2019 Graphic Design Trends To Look Out For
1. 3D design and strong typographic focal points

In 2019, bolder is better, as reflected in 3D design elements – especially when it comes to fonts. Any font can be transformed into a 3D design, but this trend seems to be most popular when juxtaposed with a bold font that immediately draws the viewer’s eye in. This is because these fonts exude that trendy “one-in-a-million” unicorn vibe – a spirit of strength, individuality, confidence, and innovation that is easily read, regardless of the device your post is being read from.

Another strong typographic trend this year which also injects an air of differentiation into your content: handwritten fonts. Depending on the handwriting style applied, these fonts can take your content in a more sophisticated and elegant, or casual and approachable direction.

The bottom line with respect to this trend – the right font on a descriptive video, infographic, social post, or other types of content causes your content to jump off the page and drive engagement within your target audience.

Examples of this trend:



2. Stripped down, clean lines

One 2019 trend is actually a throwback to the 1950s and 60s, a post-war era where function dictated form. Yes, that’s right, in 2019, we’re heading back in time to the Modern Mid-Century Modern period, characterized by stripped down, clean lines, that clearly get your message across. This trend does away with the all-busy, flashy logo, backgrounds and other graphic design elements, in favor of vintage color palettes – contrasting light and dark color schemes, the use of just a few, sometimes non-traditional colors to cause an image to pop, and even variations of the same image in different, limited color palettes, which we definitely recommend implementing to A/B test which versions work best with your target audience.

The goal of this trend is to clean up your posts visually, so that your viewers can focus on the quality of your content, get to know your brand on a deeper level, and be enticed to convert. Sounds like one trend worth adopting, regardless of your brand language and campaign needs.

Example of this trend:


3. The utilization of duotones and gradients

Gradients and duotones (color transitions – gradients are more gradual, while duotones are chunkier and bolder) have been trending for a while now, but in 2019, we are witnessing an evolution in their usage. Today, this trend is reflected in the form of “semi-flat” design, used to give depth to particular areas within posts, such as in backgrounds and within call-to-action buttons, as they draw the eye in and encourage a more immersive user experience. In essence, this is another trend that seeks to clean up the modern cluttered content space, while still remaining fun and colorful.

The duotone gradient is also trending with respect to logos and poster-style ads, accomplishing the same goals of simultaneously injecting complexity and simplicity into your content in an exciting and creative way.

Example of this trend:  


4. Isometric design/futuristic influences

Geometric shapes, futuristic color palettes and abstract constructions are all the rage in 2019 – and if they integrate isometric design (2-dimensional representations of 3-dimensional objects), all the better. This trend is particularly popular, as it simultaneously adds depth to your content AND positions your brand as being future-forward. As such, we recommend adding isometric and/or futuristic design elements to your content in the form of icons that appear on your video posts (or images accompanying them within your post), to transform said icons into warmer, more inviting design elements that take up less space than your standard 3D version. This is also a trend that is easy to implement without compromising on your brand’s language or identity. It adds to your content, but never detracts from your image or messaging.

Example of this trend:


5. Vivid color palettes

In line with trend #2, this trend seeks to create a smooth, clean statement in a big way. Vivid color palettes, those that marry bright colors with more muted, understated and lighter tones, seek to create a statement: that your brand is one to look out for and follow. This trend can go the way of the warm, moody and more vintage feel, or take your content in a more pop-art direction.

In truth, this trend is not for all brands, especially those marketing more traditional products or services. But for brands looking to make a splash with innovative content that reflects their 21st century, fun-loving attitude towards business, this is a trend to most certainly adopt.

Decide whether you’ll go the way of the “throwback camcorder” photo and video style, muting some colors while highlighting others, or whether you’ll opt for a more wistful, animated feel – according to your brand’s identity, language and goals.

Example of this trend:


With the right graphics and images, you can turn any video into a vibrant, colorful conductor of self-expression.

6. Minimalism is the new mantra of graphic design

Continuing with the “cleaner is better in 2019” trend, minimalism is making big waves this year. Yet, while minimalist is traditionally associated with neutral, or muted color palettes, in 2019 this trend is harnessing the power of just a few colors – but big, bold and bright ones, to make a statement. For example, pared down, minimal posts would include just one or two objects, like an orange or a tree, but those objects would be transformed into a trendy visual by depicting them in non-traditional colors. The orange could be sliced open, so viewers see a blue rind and a pink flesh – and the tree could be stark white, standing out against a purple background.

The goal for this trend is to find the right balance between clarity of construction and creativity. Basic design, accented by bold colors, so your content is never boring and you can focus on customer experience and usability, while spicing up your content with brighter colors and unique design ideas. Never before has negative space been so positive for brands.

Example of this trend:


7. Returning to the basics with hand-drawn illustrations

Customizing your content is a great way to up your USP and show your customer base just how great a relationship with your brand is. In 2019, a popular way of accomplishing this goal is by turning to hand-drawn illustrations for your content, as opposed to using photography or computer-generated images. This trend is a great way to position your brand as a true original, one willing to go the extra mile to stand out and connect with its target audience, as it puts a unique stamp on your brand – an extension of your brand language and identity, if you will.

While this trend may not be for everyone, you will see more and more diverse brands adopting it in 2019 – from tech brands using custom illustrations to explain IT and product workflows, to retail brands adding a little creative touch to their marketing content, and to thought leaders adding illustrations to their video content as an engagement tool that does its job well.

Example of this trend:


8. Authentic photography

Like the custom illustration trend, this trend works wonders with respect to setting your brand apart as a legitimate and authentic authority within your industry. This is because people are tired of those repetitive, albeit free, stock photos, They don’t want to see the polished, professional and sometimes airbrushed generic images brands have become accustomed to using out of convenience’s sake. They want to see real pictures and videos of real people doing real things with your offering. They want to see the genuine reactions of people trying your products, enjoying your services and engaging with your brand, so they can learn to trust your brand.

In 2019. Authentic photography can be particularly creative and future-forward when images and videos are taken to look like they came from a smartphone or personal camera.

Example of this trend:


9. Responsive logos and design

Your brand’s logo is its calling card. It’s what customers first see when entering your website – and what they should be greeted with on every piece of marketing material you put out, including video content. And since today, more than half of online shopping activity takes place via mobile devices, it is extremely important that your content and its design, including your trusty logos, be optimized for mobile browsing. With respect to logos, you don’t have to change much to go mobile responsive in 2019. Ideally, all you need to do is simplify your logo a bit – in size and sometimes into a short-form version of itself, that still remains completely identifiable with your brand. For example, turning the smallest version of your brand’s logo into an app icon.

But, when doing so, it is important to determine if showing a small or negative version of your logo is in your brand’s best interest. You should ask this question before posting new video content. With Chant, you can easily replace the logo, this way you can determine whether to use color or negative logo version and decide if you want to place it on the right or left the corner.


10. Movement and animation

This trend was designed for online content, especially for video posts, as it initiates “micro-interactions.” This means that by integrating movement and animation into your posts, you are able to interact and engage with your target audience at every point throughout their content viewing or buying journey.

Movement is not restricted to physically filming yourself or a member of your brand’s team and posting the video online. It can extend to animating your logo as a temporary focal point, triggering a video to play when hovered over, or even having buttons expand to open other pages and forms of content when clicked on.

Example of this trend: 


Chant can help you implement graphic design trends that will position
brand for success in 2019

We want to help your brand post trendy content that gets your target audience excited about your offering. With our wide variety of templates, titles, logos and effects, you can easily implement your favorite 2019 graphic design trends and create authentic, engaging video content that drives click-throughs and conversions like never before. And soon, we’ll be expanding our offering to include new editing styles and text hierarchy options, that will be sure to take your content to the next level.
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