Are You A Thought Leader?

How thought leadership – and Chant, can help you grow your business

These days, businesses must do more than simply make sales to successfully grow their businesses. They must create and nurture customer relationships – online, in-store and in between actual sales experiences. How? By becoming a thought leader.

Thought leaders are entrepreneurs, savvy, big-picture kind of people, who adopt a brand strategy that extends beyond sales to include an authentic, enlightening offering: engaging new ways of thinking about the industry they – you operate in and aim to lead.

But how do you become a thought leader? Here are some points to consider and actions to take:

The advantages of engaging in thought leadership

First and foremost, thought leadership is a great way to make your brand visible. The more you create content designed for thought leadership, the more followers your brand’s digital presence will acquire, the greater you and your brand will be positioned as an industry expert and the easier it will be for you to make (more) sales.

Second, thought leadership extends your brand’s reach beyond offering a commodity, to making a significant, hopefully positive impact on the world. Through thought leadership, you are able to get your brand’s message and mission out to your target audience, fueling human desire to engage with entities that fulfill a higher purpose.

And third, engaging in thought leadership reminds your brand team that there is a purpose behind the work they do, bonding them and creating a more unified and therefore productive group of employees.

What you can do today to become a thought leader tomorrow

Tip #1 – Find out what your (future) followers want
It is important to focus on delivering thought leadership content that meets your target audience’s needs and interests. To do so, do your due diligence and determine who your existing, or future, followers are, what type of content do they view online, on which channels and in what format. That way, it will be easier to curate or create insightful content they will more readily respond to.

Tip #2 – Determine the thoughts you want to lead
What is your brand’s mission, beyond closing sales? How do you want your business to contribute to today’s world and make it better for years to come? Jot down notes on the messages you want to give over in your thought leadership pieces and create content that promotes said ideals. Your content should reflect your brand’s voice and values, while veering away from traditional sales pitches in favor of educational pieces and articles that get your followers thinking.

Tip #3 – Select the media that will provoke thoughts with greatest ease
Aside from your website, where you can post your thought leadership content at no additional cost and with much simplicity, there are a plethora of digital channels and media types to consider. You can choose to publish blog posts, podcasts – even memes, but the most efficient and effective medium is video. Creating personal videos require some planning. You must know ahead of filming what you want to say – and say it clearly and to the point. But it is a quick and easy way to express yourself, with little exertion on your followers’ part. All they need to do is hit “play” and become immersed in your expertise.

Chant can help you easily create authentic video thought leadership pieces for your brand

We know you have the power within you to become a great thought leader. We’ll help you create enlightening video content using a wide variety of templates and complete with titles, logos and effects – in just a few minutes. Our templates and available titles and special effects will inspire you to get creative, create new and more content and stand out. Authentic, professional thought leadership pieces that will take your brand from commodity to industry leader. For more information, visit

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