How to Make a Big Impact with Customer Reviews

Customer reviews drive informed decision making, so be sure to include them on your relevant marketing channels

Want to empower your customers to make smarter purchase decisions and avoid buyer’s remorse? Optimize your website, social channels and all other marketing material to include customer reviews. As nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase and 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review, it is clear that customer reviews hold major profit potential and power – something your brand simply cannot afford to do without.

How to “create” great customer reviews

Great reviews will entice customers to convert, while sub-par (unfavorable or poorly curated) reviews will leave them second-guessing your offering. It is therefore imperative that you learn to put your brand’s best foot forward, with clear, visually appealing customers reviews that exude trust and reliability.

Step 1 – Create spaces for customers to leave reviews

Select a number of third-party sites where customers can leave reviews – and potential new customers can view them, even before they’ve seen your website. Any channel is good, but some are better designed to meet your customer review needs, such as Yelp, Facebook, Amazon and other digital marketplaces, Google My Business and more (you may already have reviews on these sites – positive and negative, that you aren’t even aware of!). You should also set up website badges that take site viewers to these third parties for additional social proof.

Step 2 – Turn obtained reviews into clear, visual content

Regardless of your brand’s offering, your method of displaying customers should be highly visual. For retail, that means embedding a star or other form of rating system, while for service-oriented brands, testimonials, quotes from highly-satisfied customers are most converting. Want to take your customer testimonials to the next level? Consider creating videos of customers describing their experience with your brand – doing so will inject an air of authentic personalization no other medium can even approach.

Other kinds of reviews include:
Quote testimonials – with or without an image, positioning your brand as the “hero.”
Consumer reviews – contact customers post purchase and ask them about their brand experience.
Case studies – ask a satisfied customer to describe their transformation with your brand.
Social media testimonials – invite viewers or followers to respond to specific questions on your social channel.
Influencer testimonials – ask industry authorities to sample your offering in exchange for a review.
Documentary series – create a review involving the transformation of multiple customers, as they engage with your brand.
All of these types of reviews can be turned into video content as well!


Chant’s customer review template


Chant’s Customer testimonial template

Step 3 – Post the right reviews, at the right time

First, you’ll need to ask satisfied customers for reviews at the right moment in their purchase journey – after experiencing success in using your product or achieving a goal with your service, upon referring a friend to your brand, posting about you on social media, etc. Next, gather these great reviews into a central database, from where you’ll select a handful for periodic posting. Finally, decide when to post and where to post – on your website, social channels, etc. Depending on how many reviews you have in your database, you might want to post once a month (if you have a lot of reviews), or once a quarter (if you have few reviews). Posting periodically will help refresh your social proof and keep your brand relevant in the eyes of your new and existing customers.

Step 4 – Respond to every review & review great customers

Everyone loves a great review, so be sure to spread the wealth. Let your customers know their reviews are appreciated, and when you can, leave them a great review on their site as well. Doing so will promote a positive environment of mutual support, which, in turn, will likely lead to greater ROI for your brand.

With Chant, you can make a big impact with customer reviews

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