20 Ideas for Engaging Videos to Promote Your Business in 2019

Christmas: a time of cheer, family gatherings, and celebrations. But for business owners and marketers, it’s also the peak of a year’s worth of marketing preparation. So much build-up, so many expectations, and a huge amount of work that goes into the year’s biggest shopping bonanza.

The amount of attention to Christmas often means that by January, content marketers are simply out of ideas on how to engage with their audience.

That’s why we came up with a few great ideas for promotional video content you can share on social media channels during the first month of the year:  

Wrap up the year gone by

The end of the year is also a new beginning and you can use this as an opportunity to look back and sum-up your year’s success:
1. Highlight Milestones– Tell your followers about the year your business had. Share the landmarks you reached and the challenges you faced.
2. Recap Favorites – Go back to your best content from the past year. Bring out those old favorites and let everyone enjoy them again.
3. Flaunt Achievements  – Share your high points, accomplishments or awards. Don’t be shy, brag a little, you deserve it.
4. Describe Lessons – Tell viewers what you learned. Explain what 2018 meant to you personally or to your brand.
5. Interview Allies – Gather testimonials from loyal customers who were part of your year. Nothing has more effect than recommendations from satisfied buyers.

Celebrate the year to year transition

New year’s eve is an exciting and joyful event. Invite your followers to the party:
6. Raise a Glass – Congratulate your followers in a way that expresses your brand.
7. Express Gratitude – Say ‘thank you’ to your customers. Recognition is always appreciated.
8. Share your Traditions – Tell viewers about new year’s traditions unique to your family, company or culture.
9. Join the Count-down Frenzy – The best part of new year’s eve is the countdown to midnight. Get on trend with a countdown of your best-selling products.  

Welcome the new year

It’s time to look into the future and invite your audience to join you in the coming year:
10. Make predictions – Tell followers your thoughts on industry trends in 2019. Everybody wants to know what the future holds, so play the guessing game.
11. Launch New Products  – It’s a time of beginnings. Take the opportunity to launch a new product or service you are adding to your selection this year.
12. Announce Promotions – Christmas sales might be over, but that doesn’t mean that your customers won’t love a good deal on your newest product.
13. Introduce Your Team – If a new employee is joining you this year consider following him throughout the year to give your audience a feel of your company culture.
14. Unbox – Reveal something exciting you are adding to your process. Everyone loves ‘unboxing’ videos, so why not harness the trend to unveil changes you’re making?

Talk about decisions and resolutions

The start of a new year is when we challenge ourselves to adopt new habits. This year, include your followers in your goals and help them achieve:
15. Share a Resolution – Tall about a personal new year’s resolution with your followers. Open up about what challenges you personally and people will identify.
16. Support Others – Explain how your product or service can help others with their resolutions.
17. Spread the word – Tell viewers about a positive change or project you decided to take on in your business in the coming year.
18. Let Them In – Show everyone a behind the scenes view of preparing for the new year. This is the time of year we reorganize and re-group. Document the process and let viewers look under the hood of your operation.

Chase away those winter blues

The beginning of the year is also a time of cold and dreary weather for us in the northern hemisphere. Help followers cheer up during long dark evenings with cozy and entertaining content:
19. Cuddle Up – Tap into the ‘hygge’ lifestyle. ‘Hygge’ is a Danish word that means ‘embracing home comfort’. Show your fans how you stay snug.
20. Make Them Laugh – Comedy is always a way to capture an audience, but during the cold season, we especially need a good chuckle to boost our mood.

We hope these ideas will motivate you to create new videos and engage with followers in ways you haven’t thought about. Video is a powerful tool that enables you to reach audiences everywhere. We believe that with an authentic message and just a little bit of creativity there is no limit to what you can do! If you are looking for more inspiration, check out our article on planning content for the new year here.

Have a wonderful year, filled with amazing content. We can’t wait to see the videos you’ll make!


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