New Calendar Year, New Content Calendar

How to create a content calendar for Q1 2019 that converts
The New Year is just around the corner, do you know what that means? Yes, it’s time to build your content calendar for the coming quarter. Having a content calendar ready before the first post is ready to air is critical to your social campaign’s success, as it ensures you’ll never miss an important day or sales event that you can use to your marketing advantage. But how do you set up your Q1 2019 content calendar for conversion success?

In this article, we’ll explain how you can easily prepare a content calendar that will take the New Year by storm. All you need is 10 minutes, a little creative inspiration and the tips outlined below.

Tackle the calendar, one quarter at a time
When it comes to writing up your content calendar, organization is key. That’s why we’ve prepared a neat checklist you can use to ensure your Q1 2019 content calendar meets your marketing needs – and your customers demands:

  • First, you’ll need to open and label a spreadsheet. You can do this using a blank Excel file, Excel’s prepared calendar format, or a calendar app that allows you to enter the content of your choice, like CoSchedule. Make sure your sheet is clearly marked with the names of the months and is divided like a regular calendar – into days and weeks.
  • Next, go over a list of holidays and select those you wish to use as inspirations for posts, offers, sales, etc. For example, in Q1 2019, you’d be wise to create content for New Year’s, Valentine’s Day and Saint Patrick’s Day.
  • Third, highlight the start of any new season. In Q1 2019, the start of Spring falls on March 20th. And when you plan the rest of your 2019 calendar, be sure to mark the start of Summer (June 21st), Fall (September 23rd) and Winter (December 22nd).
  • And finally, identify any upcoming national holidays that can be used as business opportunities and mark those into your calendar as well. Super Bowl Sunday and President’s Day are two big ones. If your brand is fitness or wellness oriented, posts leading up to the Boston Marathon could get your customers running in your direction. And if you market to the financial world, you could create content ahead of Tax Day. And the list goes on.

Decide what type of content to post and when
Once you have decided on basic dates and holidays to highlight in your content calendar, it is time to decide when exactly you should post ahead of each holiday. For example, while it is customary to start advertising at least a month before Christmas, the same cannot be said for the period ahead of Valentine’s Day, the quarter’s biggest sales event. Consumers are still recovering from the recent Christmas promotions and marketing content onslaught. Post, but not too often, and not too ahead of time. Once or twice in the first two weeks of February, once on February 13th and once on Valentine’s Day itself will more than suffice. It is critical that you know your audience and the holiday well.

Block off the period during which you wish to promote each holiday or event on your content calendar. Consider if and when you will be holding sales, promotions or other events in the coming quarter and weave this information into relevant posts. For example, ahead of Valentine’s Day, you may want to offer a discount on selected items, a couple’s package etc. within the body of your content.

And if there are promotions you wish to offer that are not related to any specific holiday, you can add them to the calendar, wherever a vacant spot remains – and then create the best possible posts to promote them.



Fill in the blanks
Ideally, you should post three times a week. When not wishing happy holidays, or commemorating a national event, you can opt to fill in each quarter of your content calendar’s blanks with the following types of posts:

  • Mentioned in the press – latest industry updates
  • Tips
  • Testimonials
  • Engagement post
  • Lesson learned – tutorials or anecdotal stories
  • Description of trends
  • Thank you post
  • FAQs – and their answers
  • And more.

Because these posts are not linked to any specific date or event, you can flexibly move them around at a later date, as you see fit. But do aim to prepare them ahead of time, to ensure your social marketing activities receive the attention and planning they deserve – so your efforts translate into faster, easier and more successful content creation.

Take 10
Ten minutes is all you need to look at a calendar, mark off important dates, brainstorm your next quarter’s content calendar and get ahead in the New Year. Chant can help you create engaging marketing video content using a wide variety of templates – in just a few minutes, so your content calendar will ensure your brand remains on your customers’ minds and you never miss a sale again!

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