Trend Watch 2019: What Does the Marketing World Have in Store for SMBs?

New and exciting marketing trends you must pay attention to

The world of digital marketing continues to change at warp speed. 2018 saw new advances in artificial intelligence, influencer marketing, live video, social media “Stories”, and interactive chatbots, paving the way for new and exciting innovations in the coming year. So what does 2019 have in store for SMBs seeking to market products online, and how can you take swift action and beat out the competition?

Here are three marketing trends and actionable tips to help you achieve sales success in 2019:

Trend #1 – Content will take over the marketing world

2018 was the year of the consumer experience, where large retailers were forced to learn the ins and outs of personalized customer service from none other than SMBs. Innovations such as machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms were implemented within SMB platforms to better present shoppers with the right products and information to make purchases. In 2019, these efforts will extend to the way consumers are marketed to. One-sided marketing materials will be sidelined to a greater extent, with content marketing taking center stage due to its ability to enable better bidirectional communication with the target audience.

What you can do: Launch (or place greater emphasis) on your brand’s blog. Even better, create a vlog (video blog) and invite your customers to take part in daily brand occurrences and experiences.  

Trend #2 – The marketing funnel will prioritize engagement over conversion

While businesses of all shapes and sizes ultimately share the goal of enticing target audience members to convert and buy products, the coming year will see the marketing funnel move in exciting new directions. Armed with the knowledge that it costs five times as much to acquire new customers as it does to retain existing ones, SMBs will shift their conversion-oriented marketing tactics toward strategic customer engagement and retention. This will involve becoming a partner in your customers’ sales journey and providing them with eye-catching marketing materials using media they are familiar with and likely to respond to.

What you can do: Enrich your social offering with a carefully curated content calendar that artfully integrates video ads with other posts. Encourage likes, shares, and comments – and respond to feedback at your earliest convenience.

Trend #3 – Voice will take center stage

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to succeed in SEO. Google is giving more space to paid and Knowledge Graph content, which means SMBs have a lower chance of being seen by interested searchers. In 2019, this will likely change, as advances in voice-related search such as NLP and Semantic SEO seem to be replacing traditional methods. Voice search will extend into the ways that written and video content get produced and marketed.

What you can do: Targeting topics instead of keywords will be your winning ticket to marketing success, especially with your video content. Video views on Google and other search engines rely heavily on the title and subject line you provide.

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