The Whys and Hows of Using Video Content to Drive Christmas Sales This Year

In 2018, Video First is the way to go

Halloween is behind us, and in a few short weeks, we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving. You know what that means – the Christmas shopping season is nearly upon us. It seems that each year businesses are starting their Christmas sales and promotions earlier and earlier, and are using new and innovative marketing methods to reel in and secure new and return customers. To keep up with the Joneses, you’re going to have to make it a Video First Christmas.

Why use video content?

A recent survey indicated that 85% of marketers planned to increase their video adspend in 2018, up from 75% in 2017. Here’s why you need to jump on the video marketing bandwagon:

  • Shoppers take an average of 13 days to consider a holiday purchase. You’re going to want to keep flooding their favorite social channels with catchy video ads/posts that remind them to buy your products. And while they won’t likely read a blog post or written ad multiple times, a cute video ad is hard to resist.
  • During the Christmas season, shoppers buy with their emotions, turning to brands they know and trust, as they want their gift recipients to remember the holiday with fondness for years to come. Video content is engaging and sparks emotions – leading shoppers to develop trust in your brand, even if they have yet to purchase from you.
  • As the holiday season approaches and online shipping options dwindle, shoppers tend to go local for their last-minute buys. Videos, particularly those filmed in their hometown, will remind consumers that they have great shopping options close to home. And, as  83% of businesses say that video ads drive great ROI, creating video ads or posts in your store and its immediate vicinity using just your smartphone and some simple editing can give you the pre-holiday sales boost you seek.


How to use video content ahead of Christmas 2018

The first rule of launching a successful holiday campaign is knowing when the holiday season actually begins. Even though Christmas isn’t till December 25th, shopping for the “most wonderful time of year” starts as early as the beginning of November. Not only do you need to publish videos throughout November and December and into the New Year (always link Christmas to New Year’s), but you must also ensure your shipping dates and rates are clearly mentioned in your ads, promotions, and CTAs. We recommend increasing your regular posting rate to 3-4 posts a week, all Christmas-related, of course. Posts closest to Christmas Eve should highlight your company’s advantages over large online retailers, including local pickup, expedited delivery (if relevant), and personalized service and support.


When preparing your November-December video marketing calendar, the focus should be on the following categories: promotions, tutorials, and calls to action (CTAs).


Christmas is the strongest sales season of the year for retailers, as it begins with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, continues through National Greeting Day, and only truly culminates once Boxing Day sales have ended and the school year re-commences. The average US consumer spends over $906 on Christmas gifts – and is particularly motivated to purchase items that are on sale or marketed as part of a promotion. Decide on your promotions and then create video content around them. Prime examples include: “last chance” promotions, “did you forget to buy” videos, “7 days of Christmas Eve” promotions and more, ensuring that each video ad focuses on just one product, upsell bundle or sales tactic – so your customers know exactly what you want them to buy.  


Here’s a great example:


When it comes to video advertising, 80% of your content should provide your customers with added value, and only 20% should promote your business and its offering, regardless of the channel you’re publishing on. Video tutorials are a great way to offer highly relevant tips, recommendations, and good vibes to your target audience. Edit your videos to integrate texts, or go rogue and create selfie tutorials from store owner to customer that tell moms what toys their kids will love, young couples what they need to host their first Christmas Eve dinner, or singles what they should – and shouldn’t – do (and buy) to snag the coveted New Year’s Eve kiss. This strategy is great for SMBs that have great offerings, but can’t always afford to lower costs around the holidays.


This is one of my favorite tutorial videos:

It engages viewers by asking them to comment below, allowing the SMB to continue to remain in their social users’ awareness.


It’s important that you keep your customers engaged, even when you’re short on  posts. Use engaging CTA posts up to twice a week and make sure they’re quick, catchy, holiday-themed, and certain to drive viewers to “like,” leave a comment, or share with their friends and followers. They should look something like this: 


There is, however, one time you shouldn’t be hawking your wares or pushing social activities, and that’s on Christmas Eve, when people around the world are busy spending time with their loved ones and would find marketing videos a nuisance at best. On Christmas Eve, it’s best to post a simple “Happy Holidays” video that’s sure to bring some holiday cheer to the video ad world.


Christmas is approaching. Once you know which sales you’ll be launching when, create a video ad calendar that integrates promotions, tutorials, and engaging calls to action (CTA) content to resonate with your shoppers. Following these tips will ensure that this holiday season is the “happiest season of all” for your customers – and your business

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