Creating Compelling Video Content for Christmas

Blog synopsis: Creating a compelling video for Christmas can significantly boost your brand’s engagement and sales during the yuletide season. Videos have a high engagement rate and ROI. It’s also super dynamic and easy to do with Chant.

Christmas is right around the corner and families start planning activities, decor, meals and gifts. Yes, the festive season is all about gift giving and retailers really have a reason to celebrate.

To maximize profits, marketers start working on holiday campaigns as early as August, which means you probably already have your campaigns framed, your customer funnels set and all you have left is creating compelling content that will convince your potential customers to visit your website or store.

When creating compelling content for digital channels, most marketers know that video is the way to go, especially if the content will be posted on social media.

Video content has a much higher potential to become viral than text or ad content, and the predictions are that by 2019, video content will take up to 90% of all content on social media, so as a marketer, if you still haven’t, it’s time to get on board the video content train.

Here are 5 more reasons why this holiday season, you need to focus on video content:

  1. Video dominates a large portion of online activities.

Statistically, social media users spend one-third of their time watching videos. It’s not only the time spent on YouTube, 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter and 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

Based on these numbers, combining a few videos to promote your business during the holiday season is a must. If you’re new to video content, you don’t have to base your whole strategy on it. But you definitely must add at least 1-2 thumb stopping videos with a festive vibe and good messaging.

  1.  Video content is flexible.

You can use video content to target customer in every step of the buyer’s journey. You can use it to raise awareness, provide information, or push promotions for the holidays.

Social media audience doesn’t only see video content as promotions and information about products but also as a form of entertainment. There are so many great content pieces created just for social media in order to promote a product but they were so funny, creative and interesting, people couldn’t help but watch and share.

  1. Videos boost engagement

Video content has the ability to invoke emotions with social media audiences. The visual messaging, along with the sound, have the ability to make us laugh, cry or get excited, all within a few seconds only.

Seeing a banner or reading an article about an upcoming Christmas sale will never get the same emotional response as hearing your favorite Christmas song.

The beautiful thing is that when we touch people’s emotional button, their tendency to react is so much higher, and with social media, more reactions means more engagement and ultimately a higher ROI, it’s a win win.

  1. Videos have a high ROI

Let’s face it, though you love the holiday season, the main goal is to increase ROI. Some businesses increase their ROI by a 1000% and more during December only.

One of the best ways to make sure customers choose your business during the holiday season is creating compelling messaging.

It’s not about letting them know you’re having a special sale, they know it’s ‘sale’ season, it’s about how you let them know and what you do to make sure they pick your business.

Note that video content doesn’t only get a higher engagement rate from customers and social media followers but it gets an amazing ROI compared to other forms of social media content.

  1. Creating compelling videos is simple

In today’s digital climate, making outstanding content is a must, whether or not it’s in a video format. The amazing thing is that it doesn’t have to be difficult. You can use ‘Chant’ to promote a sale, an event or just give your social media followers a few ‘how to’ tips.

Choose from hundreds of video templates, customize as you wish and combine at least one video a week during the holiday season.  


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