‘Stories’ – Not Such A Big Story

‘Stories’ is a great marketing tool, and Chant is taking it to the next level.

‘Stories’ are a big part of video sharing and implementing them as part of your brand’s marketing strategy is a small way to make a big impact on your target audience. But using Stories isn’t a big deal. They’re quick and easy to make. All you need is a social media account for your brand (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat), a smartphone, and a creative idea.

The evolution of ‘Stories’ for businesses in a nutshell

As the world continues to undergo an all-encompassing digital transformation, brands are facing shrinking and distracted engagement, forcing businesses to look to newer, more relevant ways to maximize the impact of marketing messages on important channels and platforms. Rather than creating compelling, long-form written content, you must cater to your audience’s far shorter attention span – and Stories is the way to go.

Stories takes “traditional” News Feed posting to warp-speed level. Akin to Snapchat and Instagram Stories, Facebook allows you to create short, 15-second video clips that you can post to your account or share via direct message. They’re short, to the point, and as they only remain on your social page for 24 hours, they inject an exciting sense of exclusivity and urgency into your marketing activities, driving your customers to read and engage immediately. They’re great way to expand and retain your organic reach.

Post exciting ads, promotions, and updates

Stories are a great way to let your customers know what’s new with your brand. Give a sneak peek of your upcoming product line, inform them of a new sale or promotional event, talk about day-to-day company happenings, give a tour of a new factory or store, share relevant content, and more. Stories lets you transform or boost your campaigns – without breaking the budget.

Create a content calendar for timely Story release

How often should your brand post a Story? While there is no magic number, and quality and consistency outweigh frequency, it’s best to post up to two Stories a day, with at least one being posted in the afternoon. Create a plan that targets ideal viewing times for your audience in their hometown and stick to it. Getting on a schedule will help you meet posting deadlines and create excited anticipation among your customers ahead of Story release times.

Measure engagement to ensure your ‘Stories’ are well-received

As the goal of Stories is to engage and retain your target audience, it is important to measure just how engaging your Stories are. On Facebook, Stories can be shared in three ways: publicly, as a touch-enabled circle above the Facebook News Feed; as a Direct Message to a friend; and as a regular post to your brand’s feed. And on Snapchat and Instagram, click on the Insights button to assess your Story’s performance. Measuring how often sharing/messaging/posting occurs for each Story will paint a picture of how engaged your audience is with your brand.

Create continuous communication between
your brand and your target audience

With short, highly relevant Stories, you can enjoy an organic way to connect with your customers. Using Stories, brands reveal what makes them unique in an easy-to-consume way that builds trust and LTV (lifetime value), enticing consumers to share your Story and communicate back to you. The world is already headed in this direction – the time for you to create business-growing Stories is now. Open the lines of communication with Stories; if at first you don’t succeed, keep creating and sharing new content. Your audience will come and connect.

Chant can help you create authentic video Stories for your brand

To truly engage with your customers, you need to create an authentic representation of your brand – a sort of video selfie, if you will, as opposed to Stories containing (boring) product images. You have just 15 seconds to relay your message; use Chant to make it count by creating content that draws in the eye. Chant has created a category of video Story templates that enables titles to be uploaded, product images to be integrated and more.

Here’s a great example:


(here you simply need to replace the dress image, with your product picture)

Chant will upgrade your video Story into an authentic, engaging video marketing message. While our category is still in its infancy, as brands’ needs for engaging Stories continue to grow, so will our database of templates.


Stories is a great way to tell your brand’s story. As social media users spend less and less time on individual content, the 15-second Story is ideal for relaying your message and creating continuous communication with your target audience. To take your ‘Stories’ to the next level with authentically fresh video marketing content, turn to Chant. Our templates are designed to help your brand shine.


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