Video Marketing: The Best Way to Reach Customers

As the internet has matured and social media continues to evolve, video marketing has proved to be the clear winner in social media, and is poised to continue its exponential growth. Social Media Examiner published a report this year which found that video accounts for 63% of social media content used by businesses.


Image from 2018 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, Social Media Examiner


However, Cisco has predicted that by 2021, more than 78% of global mobile data traffic will be video. Facebook generates 8 billion video views on average per day, according to Social Media Today. Other interesting statistics published by Social Media Today include:

  • Video is shared 1,200% more times than text and images combined.
  • Videos increase web traffic: Embedded videos in websites can increase traffic by 55%.
  • Videos help us learn: 44% of people would rather learn about a product from a video than from reading about it.
  • Video help companies make money: Companies that used videos grew their revenue 49% faster than peer companies that did not.
  • Companies plan to increase their use of video and other forms of marketing: Social Media Examiner found that 77% of marketers plan  to increase their use of videos in the future, 68% plan to use more visuals, 63% plan to increase their use of live video, and 57% will increase their blog content.
  • Image from 2018 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, Social Media Examiner

According to Forrester Research, a one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words. Companies are using many types of videos on social media to tell their stories and provide value to consumers.  Customer testimonial videos, educational videos, event recaps, and branded storytelling videos allow businesses to tell their stories and gain customers. Through these video marketing tools, businesses of all sizes are humanizing their messaging and their companies, making them more relevant and engaging for the social media era.


Your customers like videos
We watch a lot of videos, in fact an article published on Hubspot found that the average person surveyed watched 1.5 hours of video content per day, and 15% of respondents watched more than 3 hours of video on a typical day. The same research found that not only are we watching a lot of videos, but that those videos are helping businesses grow. 76% of marketers said that video helped increase sales and 76% also said video increased traffic to their website. Social Media Examiner’s research found that videos took first place as the area marketers wanted to learn most about. As the main marketing tool of these times, it’s important to find the tools to help you create many professional videos fast, at a low cost, and without needing prior knowledge on editing or styling videos.

Videos help customers understand your company
Humans love stories, and videos are one of the best ways to get your story across. One study found that customers’ understanding of a company grew by 74% when they watched a video about the company instead of reading about the company. Similarly, another study by eMarketer found that four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. One of the easiest videos to make is a product overview video, which will help your customers understand your business and why they should support it.

Your competitors are making videos
Survey after survey has found that more and more businesses of all sizes are increasing their spend on video. One survey from We are Social found that 70% of marketers will be using video as part of their marketing strategy this year. Wyzowl found that 82% of marketers plan to spend more on video this year. At the same time, Ascend2 found that 64% of marketers think video is the most difficult content to create. This was the reason we created Chant.

Start making videos with Chant
Video is an important marketing tool. Our templates make it simple for you to make professional videos for Facebook to help you grow your business’ presence on social media, find new customers, and expand your business. Download Chant today and join the video revolution.  



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