How to Make Your Facebook Video Stand Out

According to Forrester Research, a one minute video is worth 1.8 million words. Let’s increase that. Here are seven ways to increase the worth of your Facebook videos.

1. Make it authentic. Facebook videos that are authentic are more likely to be shared and liked.

2. Educate your audience. Your users want to learn something- teach them something with your Facebook video.

3. Use a featured video on your profile. Post a video at the top of your Facebook business page and make your page stand out.

4. Entertain your audience. Facebook videos are a great way to entertain your customers. Make it fun, silly, or show your customers behind-the-scenes at your company.

5. Create a playlist. Do your customers like your Facebook videos? Create a playlist so they are easy to find and watch.

6. Use the “Watch Video” call to action. Drive traffic by using Facebook’s watch video call to action on your Facebook videos.

7. Promote your post. You worked hard on your Facebook video- why not promote it and see if you can drive more business?

Take full advantage of Facebook videos, and join the video revolution. We’re here to help.

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