How to Make Mobile Friendly Social Videos

In order to gain any traction, social video has to be fluid on all devices. It has to look good on all devices- from a phone to a huge screen- you never know where your customer will be watching your social video from. Today’s Tuesday Tips gives you five ways to make sure your social video looks great on any screen.

  1. Ensure fast loading times. Too long and users will give up and move on to something else.
  2. Compress images and prioritize videos to make your social videos more interesting.
  3. Use text, because 85% of social video is watched without sound.
  4. Use a vertical or square format. Simple, bold splash screens are key.
  5. The smaller the screen, the shorter the social video should be. Users are easily distracted, so get to the point quickly while you have their attention.

Use these tips to make sure your social videos are optimized for all screen sizes and grab your users wherever they are.


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